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Feature Films

Picture of Scott Ransom

    Feature Film Credits

  • "THE EYE" Lion's Gate/Cruise Wagner/2nd Unit
  • "CITY/DESTINATION" Merchant Ivory. A Camera Operator
  • "ENDURANCE" Feature Documentary...British Academy Award Nomination - Camera
  • "GOING UP RIVER" John Kerry's Vietnam 2nd Unit
  • "MR/MRS SMITH" Brad Pitt/2nd Unit Op
  • "KILIMANJARO" ..Arcturus Motion Pictures...IMAX - Africa
  • "BATMAN AND ROBIN" Warner Bros. 2nd Unit
  • "ON DEADLY GROUND" Steven Seagal-Warner Bros.-2nd Unit Wildlife - Alaska
  • "ALL THE RIGHT MOVES" Tom Cruise-20th Century Fox, Director 2nd Unit
  • "BUSHWHACKED" Daniel Stern -20 Century Fox- 2nd Unit DP
  • "AMAZING PANDA ADVENTURE" Warner Bros. 2nd Unit DP - China
  • "POWER RANGERS II" 2nd Unit DP
  • "THE ASCENT" RHI Entertainment-2nd Unit DP - Africa
  • "THE GOLDEN SEAL" Samuel Goldwyn Productions-2nd Unit DP - Alaska
  • "STRANGE COMPANIONS" Walt Disney Productions-DP 2nd Unit
  • "STACKING" Embassy/Am. Playhouse-DP 2nd Unit
  • "ONE CRAZY SUMMER" Warner Bros-DP 2nd Unit